I miss waking up next to you. Waiting for you to roll over and whisper to me, your eyes still closed. The both of us not wanting to be awake so early. I miss you pulling me in closer and wrapping me up in your arms. I miss your sweet and gentle morning kisses and the moans you make as you stretch. I miss the arguments on who has to get up and make the coffee. I just miss you. I miss the comfort and safety I felt with being around you.
I need to see you.


Yeah that’s Georgia, if there was ever someone made for me,

That’s Georgia, Dixie proud & honeysuckle sweet

It’s in her roots & her blood & her name,

Stays on my mind like an old sweet song.

Strong as Southern rain.

Yeah that’s Georgia for ya.

"When she took me home, I swore that girl she said that we would take it slow. To my surprise, my little Georgia girl had fire in her eyes."

— "Georgia Girl" - Chase Rice (via flywithafreebird)